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Where on Earth Is My Bagel?

Where on Earth Is My Bagel?


Even though Yum Yung lives in Korea, the idea of a New York bagel just pops into his head one day. Yum Yung declares: “I want a bagel!”

Yum Yung’s search begins at the highest mountaintop, where he finds a pigeon to take his message to New York. “I would like to order one bagel to go,” he writes. After a long wait and no bagel, Yum Yung asks his friends the farmer, the fisherman, and beekeeper, and the baker for help. Their creative solution is sure to delight all who have yearned for a delicious treat.

Written with spirit and humor, this timeless fable shows the true power of a child’s imagination and perseverance. Anything is possible, especially if you have the help of your friends.



“With charming gouache illustrations that evoke the intricate and colorful patterns found in Korean fabrics, this story mixes up cultures quite nicely. Bagel shapes abound, including a full moon with a cloud providing the hole in the middle.” SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

“The fates look kindly upon the mixture of longing, serendipity, and quick thinking that accompanies the Parks’ story of Yum Yung’s bagel desire… Lin’s transporting artwork has a toned-down Eastern flavor that makes for a successful expression of the story’s trans-cultural happening, but it is the pursuit of passion – and the warm rewards that may follow on its wake – that makes this story special.” KIRKUS REVEIWS

“The delightful tale shows what ingenuity and friendship can achieve. Be sure to have bagels on hand when you read this book with your children. You’re sure to crave one.” THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH

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WASHINGTON POST – Fall 2001 Selection


Paperback. Autographed by the authors Frances and Ginger Park

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