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 Chocolate Club
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Explore the wonders of chocolate with a CC Chocolate Club membership.

No need to worry about the fuss of reordering.  We'll ship your chocolates

on the first of the month. And here's an extra Club perk - shipping

is free! Choose from our three tiers and set your own schedule

(monthly, bimonthly, quarterly) 12/6/4. Price is for each shipment of chocolate.

Emerald Club


Do you like the finer things in life? Our European & Artisanal collections have the WOW factor with flavor pairings both traditional & eclectic. Old World Belgian chocolatier Neuhaus has been crafting chocolates for centuries, whipping up hazelnut gianduja, creme fraiche, almond praline paste & marzipan. In contrast, manons. New World Chocolat Moderne, Christopher Elbow, & Lake Champlain whip up chocolate masterpieces in their own kitchens, blending unique flavors such as strawberry & balsamic, Venezuelan cacao & spices, sea salt & espresso. Each cycle you'll receive an

array of chocolates that are both exquisite & magical.

Choose your assortments or... let us surprise you.


Pearl Club


Are you a creature of comfort? Look no further. Yes, sometimes it's all about comfort chocolates - the crunchy, the munchy, the chewy, the creamy... the good old fashioned American way. Cozy up with a good book or binge watch a Netflix series with a box of our Nostalgic chocolates. Each cycle you'll receive an assortment of our good old fashioned chocolates.

Choose your assortments or... let us surprise you.


Quartz Club


Are you a purist at heart? Savor single origin dark chocolate from Ecuador? Enjoy sweet flavor notes? Our global variety of bars from France to Belgium, Vermont to Missouri, New York to right here in DC will delight your palate. Each cycle we'll send you an earthy assortment of dark bars

and/or high percentage deep milks. 

Choose your bars... or let us surprise you.

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