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The Royal Bee

The Royal Bee


Over a century ago, a young boy in Korea wanted desperately to learn how to read and write. But only the sons of wealthy families were allowed to go to school. Song-ho was very poor; he lived in a small hut with his mother. Every day she worked in the fields while Song-ho did chores at home.

But one day Song-ho hears the distant sounds of a school bell as he works. It seems as if the bell is calling him. He follows the sound deep into the valley until he discovers a beautiful school sheltered among golden rain trees. Then he does something that changes his life forever…

Written by two sisters and based on the true story of their grandfather’s experience, The Royal Bee is an elegantly written tale that pays tribute to a young boy’s courage and determination. Destined by birth to lead the poverty-stricken life of a farmhand, their grandfather took a bold step that opened new doors, both literally and figuratively, for himself, his children, and his children’s children.


Praise: “A hunger for knowledge to improve his lot and that of his mother prompts a young Korean boy to take a bold step in this tale… not only his intelligence shines, but his goodness and honesty as well.”KIRKUS REVIEWS“Frances Park and Ginger Park have penned a beautiful tribute to their grandfather… this heartwarming tale of hope and perseverance.”WASHINGTON PARENT“The narrative voice is both stately and lyrical, drawing the reader into Song-ho’s world of rice-paper doors, golden rain trees, echoing school bells, and into his desire to provide his mother with sweet melons, perfect chestnuts, and hope.” CHILDREN’S LITERATURE“A fine work portraying the culture of Korea 100 years ago.”SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL“This is a thought provoking story, one that should make both parents and children think about the things we take for granted.” PARENT PAPER“Beautifully done.” THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS“Sisters Frances and Ginger Park have added another excellent picture book to the growing collection of children’s stories being published about Korea.” THE MULTICULTURAL REVIEW


Winner, 2002 Sugarman Award for Children’s Literature


Paperback. Autographed by the authors Frances and Ginger Park

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