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Nostalgic Collection

Nostalgic Collection
Take a walk down memory lane with our nostalgic collections from two American chocolatiers: Naron of Baltimore was founded in 1905 by Gerard Naron. He began peddling his chocolates in a pushcart. Asher of Pennsylvania was founded by Chester A. Asher in 1892 who created all his recipes on the back of sugar bags! And many of these same recipes are still used today.

Selections include good old fashioned bon bons such as vanilla buttercreams, smooth mint meltaways, bursting cordial cherries, chewy vanilla caramels, sea salt caramels, peanut butter smoothies, raspberry creams & jellies, orange jellies, coconut clusters, peanut clusters, double dipped mints, espresso truffles, fudge meltaways, non-pareils, butter rum caramels, bourbon caramels.

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