Chocolate makes everything better.

Pictured from left to right: Frances (my favorite chocolate is our Dark House Truffle), Estelle (my favorite chocolate is our Nostalgic Dark Chocolate Almond Bark), Skip (my favorite chocolate is the Chocolat Moderne), Ginger (my favorite chocolate is the Suisse Laderach), Koomo (favorite chocolate is our Belgian Neuhaus)

Chocolate Chocolate Store Video (2010)

Customer Comments:

What our Customers Say About Us: A lovely little sweet shop located on the entrance level of an office building... My favorite option is their selection of by-the-pound select it yourself candies--Swedish fish, gummi bears, jordan almonds, and many others. It is easy to pick up a afternoon snack for under $2.

In addition to a great selection they also have a very, very friendly and helpful staff. What a great combination! CJ M, Washington, DC

Inside this bright store (it is a nice change to go to a candy store where you can actually see what you want to buy) the chocolate is the main attraction. The store also sells all sorts of sugary treats like jelly beans by the pound. But, like I said, chocolate is the star. So, what to get??

- Peanut butter chocolate patties. So much better than Reese's. Trust me on this one. - Chocolate "bark" with almonds. Nutty goodness.

Just ask the friendly staff to box it up for your sweetie or for yourself. You deserve it!! Gayle G., Woodbridge, VA

Adorable little chocolate shop. The staff immediately said hello and welcome when I walked in and I was so excited to see that they not only had chocolate but also those tub-and-scooper candy cases. One of my fave things as a kid was those candy stores where you can scoop a few of every candy into your bag for a few bucks. I only bought one small thing but was really impressed with the price- $30 jordan almonds for $1.75.

I actually feel this review is inadequate because I did not try the chocolate. However, knowing that they have choco-Washington Monuments I will def be back here. Their cases looked to die for, very classy little shop, friendly staff- I enjoyed my brief experience here. Mel B., Washington, DC

Thankfully Chocolate Chocolate isn't right by my house or else I'd be suffering from a perpetual stomachache from all the sugar I couldn't stop myself from consuming. I am a red licorice addict and their stock of both the Australian and Finnish varieties draws me in each time I'm in the area. They have great prices too compared to most other ridiculously expensive candy stores. Mallory T., Washington, DC

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