Chocolate makes everything better.
Artisanal Collections
Allergies Away! Creative Eats and Mouthwatering Treats for Kids Allergic to Nuts, Dairy & Eggs - Pub Date: May 7, 2013! Preorder for Your Autographed Copy!
Almond Bark - Dark Chocolate (1 lb. box)
Almond Bark - Milk Chocolate (1 lb. box)
Almond Bark - White Chocolate (1 lb. box)
Almond Butter Crisps
(1 lb. box)

Almond Butter Crunch Bar (1 lb. box)
Assorted Gourmet Jelly Beans - One Pound
Assorted Sour Jelly Beans - One Pound
Assorted Swedish Fish - One Pound
Austrailian Black Licorice - One Pound
Austrailian Red Licorice - One Pound
Award-Winning Books
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Belgian Neuhaus Collection
Black Forest Caramels
Buttery Sweet & Savory Sea Salt Caramels Enrobed in Dark Chocolate (1 lb. box)
Buttery Sweet & Savory Sea Salt Caramels Enrobed in Milk Chocolate (1 lb. box)
Candy Candy
Capitol Dome - Solid Dark Chocolate
Capitol Dome - Solid Milk Chocolate
Capitol Dome - Solid White Chocolate
Chocolate Bar Bundles
Chocolate Chocolate in the News
CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE: The True Story of Two Sisters, Tons of Treats, and the Little Shop That Could/St. Martin's Press
Chocolate DC Monuments
Chocolate Expresso Beans
Chocolate Fruit Medley
Chocolate Toffee Trio
Choose Your Own Purely Natural Chocolate-Covered Nugget Assortment - Perfect for parties, at home or at the office!
Christopher Elbow 16 Diamond Collection
Christopher Elbow Diamond Collection - 21 Piece
Christopher Elbow Diamond Collection - 48 Piece
Christopher Elbow Diamond Collection - 9 Piece
Click here to order your Small Batch Truffles - 8 Piece Assortment
Coconut Clusters - Dark Chocolate (1 lb. box)
Coconut Clusters - Milk Chocolate (1 lb. box)
Cool Dutch Mints - One Pound
Create a Nostalgic Box
Create Your Own Assortment
Dark Chocolate Bar Bundles
Dark Chocolate Boardwalk Crunch
Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
Dark Chocolate Covered Grahams (1 lb. box)
Dark Chocolate Covered Lemon Peel
Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins - One Pound
Dark Chocolate Dipped Apricots (1 lb. box)
Dark Chocolate Malt Balls
Dark Chocolate Peanut Clusters (1 lb. box)
Dark Chocolate Pistachios
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cashews
Dark Orange Peel (1 lb. box)
Deepest Darkest Chocolate Foiled Leaves
Dipped Oreos (1 lb. box)
Directions to our store in Washington DC
Dreamy Creamy Milk Chocolate Malt Balls - One Pound
European Collections
Exquisite Suisse Laderach 18 Piece Euro Assortment
Fair Trade & Non-GMO Chocolate Covered Nuggets
Fall and Halloween Chocolate
Figaro Hazelnut Cubes $19.95 (1 lb. box)
French Burnt Peanuts - One Pound
Frequently Asked Questions
Fruit Sour Balls - One Pound
GOODBYE, 382 Shin Dang Dong
Gourmet Chocolate Nut Mix
Grand Valentine Chocolate Heart
Jefferson Memorial - Solid Dark Chocolate
Jefferson Memorial - Solid Milk Chocolate
Jefferson Memorial - Solid White Chocolate - As featured in Food Network Magazine!
Jumbo Marshmallow Pillows - Milk Chocolate (1 lb. box)
Jumbo Marshmallows Pillows - Dark Chocolate (1 lb. box)
Laderach Valentine 18 pc. Jewel Box
Laderach Valentine 8 pc. Jewel Box
Lake Champlain Apple Cider Caramels
Lake Champlain Christmas Special Selection
Lake Champlain Dark Sea Salt Caramels
Lake Champlain Earthy Collection
Lake Champlain Exotic Truffles
Lake Champlain Gift Box Assortment
Lake Champlain Milk Sea Salt Caramels
Lake Champlain Peanut Butter Chocolates
Licorice Bridge Mix - One Pound
Lincoln Memorial - Solid Dark Chocolate
Lincoln Memorial - Solid Milk Chocolate
Lincoln Memorial - Solid White Chocolate
Luxurious Gift Box Selection|Assortments|19.4 oz. Assortment
Maple Brown Sugar Caramels
Milk Chocolate Bar Bundles
Milk Chocolate Boardwalk Crunch
Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds
Milk Chocolate Covered Cookie-Dough - One Pound
Milk Chocolate Covered Grahams (1 lb. box)
Milk Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears - One Pound
Milk Chocolate Covered Peanuts - One Pound
Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins - One Pound
Milk Chocolate English Toffee (1 lb. box)
Milk Chocolate Peanut Clusters (1 lb. box)
Milk Fall Chocolate Leaves - $14.99 Per Pound
Milk or Dark (Solid Chocolate) (1 lb. box)
Mint Chip Maltballs
Mint Meltaways (1 lb. box)
Mixe Celebre All Dark Collection
Mixe Moderne Dark & Milk Collection
My Freedom Trip: A Child's Escape from North Korea
Naron Chocolates - Gift Wrapped Pre-Packaged|Weight|Half Pound Assortment
Naron Chocolates - Gift Wrapped Pre-Packaged|Weight|Two Pound Assortment
Neuhaus 1 lb
Neuhaus 1/2 Pound Ballotin
Neuhaus 1/2lb Christmas Assortment
Neuhaus 1/4 lb
Neuhaus All Milk Assortment
Neuhaus Chocolates - Assorted Ballotin|Assorted Ballotins|Half Pound Assorted Ballotin
Neuhaus Chocolates - Assorted Ballotin|Assorted Ballotins|Quarter Pound Assorted Ballotin
Neuhaus Christmas 1lb Assortment
Neuhaus Christmas Tin
Neuhaus Connoisseur Truffles Collection (16 pieces)
Neuhaus Dark Conoisseur Collection (20 pieces)
Neuhaus Discover 12 Piece Gift Box
Neuhaus of Belgium Milk & Dark Ballotin
Neuhaus Valentine 1 lb. Assortment
Neuhaus Valentine 1/2 lb Assortment
Neuhaus Valentine Heart Assortment
Neuhaus Valentine Tin
Neuhaus Valentine1/4 lb. Assortment
Non-Pareils - Dark Chocolate (1 lb. box)
Non-Pareils - Milk Chocolate (1 lb. box)
Nostalgic Chocolate Assortment Small (9oz)
Nostalgic Chocolate Assortment Large (18.2 oz)
Nostalgic Collections
Old World Truffles
Old-Fashioned Assorted 2 lb
Pastel Jordan Almonds - One Pound
Peanut Butter Smoothies (1 lb. box)
Pecan Chewy Bar
Pecan Turtles - Dark Chocolate (1 lb. box)
Pecan Turtles - Milk Chocolate (1 lb. box)
Personalized Corporate & Wedding Chocolates
Personalized Wedding Favors
Raspberries And Blackberries - One Pound
Red Swedish Fish - One Pound
Rich Vanilla Caramels Enrobed in Creamy Milk Chocolate (1 lb. box)
Rich Vanilla Caramels Enrobed in Dark Chocolate (1 lb. box)
Runts - One Pound
Select Origin Chocolate
Shipping Policy and Rates
Skip Redman
Small Batch House Truffles
Sour Patch Kids - One Pound
Suisse Laderach Collection
Suisse Laderach Euro 8 Piece Assortment
The Have A Good Day Cafe
The Royal Bee
To Swim Across the World
Traditional German Gummy Bears - One Pound
Two Piece Artisanal Wedding Favors - $6.95 Per Box
Two Piece Nostalgic Wedding Favors - $3.95 Per Box
Valentine's Neuhaus Chocolates - Assorted Ballotin
Washington Monument - Solid Dark Chocolate
Washington Monument - Solid Milk Chocolate
Washington Monument - Solid White Chocolate
Where on Earth Is My Bagel?
White House - Solid Dark Chocolate
White House - Solid Milk Chocolate
White House - Solid White Chocolate

Chocolate Chocolate in the News

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